Playing With a Full Deck


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Playing With a Full Deck
by Michelle Cummings, M.S.


Sometimes the simplest prop can be the best item in your bag of tricks. This book is jam packed with the best experiential activities out there using a simple deck of playing cards. All activities are hands on and active. Using the philosophies of learning styles and multiple intelligences, the book includes activities that tap into each learning style of the participants you will encounter in your practice. Activities range in style from diversity, icebreakers, problem solving, communication, debriefing, and social norms.

sample activity (description is brief, not word for word as it is in the book):

Group Blackjack

Give each participant a card, ask them not to look at it and place it to their forehead. Ask them to play 'Blackjack' but everyone in the group must be included in a group that equals a combined value of 19, 20, or 21. Simple blackjack rules in case you are unfamiliar with them: Aces equal a value of 1 or 11. Royalty cards equal a value of 10. All other number cards are face value. If you give them a range of 19, 20, and 21 they should be able to include EVERYONE in the group no matter how many participants you have. Even groups of 15 should be able to do it as long as there are a few aces thrown in. Throw a Joker card in and make it a 'wild' card, so it can be whatever value they want it to be.

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