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About us

We have been designing, installing and outfitting experiential programs since 1983. Our clients include: resorts, retreat centers, private investors, schools, universities, camps and the military.

Our diverse line of products and services combined with years of experience allows our staff to meet the needs of every organization.

We are an Accredited Professional Vendor Member (PVM) of the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) and have been active members since its inception in 1995.


Design and Engineering
Our design team has over 300 combined years of experience designing challenge courses, obstacle courses, zip lines and climbing walls. From concept to installation our team considers risk management, environmental factors, population, staffing requirements and program flow with each course, element or structure we install.

A project manager will sit down with you and discuss everything needed to design or customize a ropes course for your organization’s needs. We start with determining the type of service you will be offering and the primary population you intend on serving: recreational opportunities, amusement based experiences, educational programming, or therapeutic services? 

These questions then can lead to a better idea of the type of course or structure and belay system best suited for your operational goals. From there we look at the physical site and the space available for installation and operation.  

Finally your budget and staff capacity to operate is considered. Once all these details are determined, we then submit a proposal for your review. Make sure to take a look at the product line gallery for inspiration and ideas for what you would like to have installed.



Whether it’s our design or yours, we can provide a turnkey installation including: shop drawings, fabrication of components, ordering of all materials, shipping, assembly and complete construction and installation of ropes courses, challenge courses, climbing structures, ninja courses and zip lines.

ESI’s staff are professionals who focus on creating the course, structures and program that are selected and designed especially for your organization and your unique needs.

We use only the highest quality materials that meet industry standards and relevant Mil. Specs. Care is taken to ensure the products and materials selected are compatible and appropriate for the environment and a long life span.

Our installers hold certifications from: OSHA; Red Cross; Crosby, ACCT, AIMS, NAARSO and more.


Inspection Services

We provide Annual Challenge Course Inspection Services by certified inspectors (ACCT, NAARSO and AIMES).  Inspections include a complete hands-on review of all structures, elements and components installed. This includes but is not limited to an inspection of the following:

  • Trees 
  • Utility Poles
  • Steel Structures 
  • Wire Rope / Terminations
  • Ropes and Cordage
  • Bolts and Fasteners
  • Lumber /Decks / Stairs / Platforms
  • Programming Equipment 
  • Training Manuals and Policies

Upon Completion of the inspection a verbal report will be provided before leaving the site and a written report will be mailed within 10 days of the inspection. Both the verbal and written report will use one of three findings to respond to each element of your challenge course.


Maintenance and Repair Services

Most courses are built in the outdoors exposed to the elements. Storms, UV exposure, and vandalism can all lead to the need for repairs. We can provide minor repairs such as hardware and equipment replacement, cable tightening, or element adjustment. We can also do major modifications such as replacing belay cables, poles, or repairing climbing wall faces.

Did you know most repairs on a ropes course can be prevented? We can also work with your staff to develop a quarterly or monthly maintenance plan to prevent future major repairs.

Many times repairs become evident during your annual inspection. If this is the case speak with your inspector as to the extent of the work needed and potential scheduling options for the repairs. If the damage happens outside of your inspection time contact our office set up a repair date. Make sure to take pictures of the elements that need to be repaired. This can help us to be better prepared with a quote and estimate of time needed for the repair.


Staff Training

No matter what product or element you have installed at your facility the goal of our training courses is to educate facilitators in the skills and procedures to ensure a supportive experiential learning environment. This will be accomplished by a comprehensive program that includes technically sound operational procedures and group processing guidelines.

New facilitators need as much information as possible before they head to the woods with their first groups. Having worked with thousands of participants on adventure activities we can fill that gap. Rarely will you find a company with such an extensive background that can offer innovative design, construction and training components all together.

Training courses are also offered for elements and facilities built by most of our competitors. Call one of our offices to discuss the elements you have installed at your site and receive a very competitive price quote on training.


Certifications are crucial to acquire and maintain for all employees who maintain and run any of your activities or challenge course structures. Safety practices and standards are gained through our certification process.

We offer three levels of challenge course practitioner certification. These levels are based on the current certification levels outlined within the ACCT published Practitioner Certification Standards: Level I Practitioner; Level II Practitioner; and Challenge Course Manager. Within each level are multiple tracks or training options.

A practitioner can be certified at each level as a site specific certification or a full certification. A site specific certification is valid only at the course that the practitioner was trained at. A full certification follows a practitioner to other courses where similar systems and program equipment are utilized.


Testing Services

We offer testing services for zip lines, aerial adventure parks and challenge courses. Our certified technicians can assist you with:

  • Guy Anchor Testing
  • Lifeline Anchor Testing
  • Speed Testing
  • Belay Cable Drop Testing
  • Material Break Testing
  • Material Proof Testing
  • Weld Testing
  • and more.

Incident Review

While unfortunate, incidents and accidents occur to both participants and staff on challenge course structures. 

We have been providing incident review, accident re-construction and expert witness consulting for over 10 years. We have worked on cases involving zip lines, canopy tours, ropes courses and climbing walls.

Our staff can review policies, procedures, industry standards and current practices to help your organization identify causal factors and be proactive in preventing future incidents.

Equipment Sales

Not only do we offer construction, training, and inspections for your new facilities, but we have all the equipment you need to run your programs successfully.  Whether you need new helmets, harnesses, ropes, belay devices, or even an auto belay unit we are committed to help keep your program running smoothly and safely.