Keith Jacobs

May 7, 2016

Ropes courses are used for both personal and organizational goals and benefits like strengthening an individual’s self-confidence and problem solving skills; and increasing small group communication and asking for and receiving help. Below are 10 great activities for ropes course programs

1. Indiana Jones Bridges

Named for the famous adventurer and archeologist, the Indiana Jones Bridges are a great activity to tests balance and agility, and eye/foot corrdination.

2. Balance Beam

This is one of the most basic ropes course elements you can add to any ropes course. The simplicity is key in challenging the physical endurance and balance of the individual. The balance beam pushes participants to find their center and traverse to the next platform.

3. Free Fall Device

Free fall devices push the limits of participants of all ages and sized as they take a trusting leap. This activity promotes self-confidence and allows for a true free falling feeling that’s hard find anywhere else. When installed as a course exit, participant must take this step of faith in order to complete the ropes course.

4. Cargo Climbing Net

Cargo climbing nets are a must have ropes course activity that’s both challenging and unique. There are several ways to use a cargo climbing net in your ropes course. When installed as an access element a “ships mast or ladder style cargo net forces the challenger to climb vertically to the top of the platform. For a different twist, take that cargo net and turn it sideways forcing the challenger to traverse horizontally across the net in order to reach the other side.

5. A Climbing Tower

Climbing towers come in all shapes d sizes and can be used as a standalone adventure to a high ropes course, or as an access to the course.  Climbing towers can be short, tall, wide or narrow. A wide variety of difficulties can be designed into a climbing tower to allow a range of options that are perfect for all climber abilities (beginner to advanced.) Additionally, add an auto belay to your climbing tower in order to increase throughput and decrease operating costs.

6. Power Pole Leap

Looking for a unique activity that takes courage and balance as well communication and teamwork. Then the power pole leap is an activity you should look at. In this high ropes course activity, the climber climbs a wobbly pole and attempts to stand on the top of it, and leap for a ball or trapeze mounted a few feet away from them. This is a great ropes course activity to face fears.

7. Giant Ladder

While strengthening teamwork and problem solving skills, the giant ladder forces the participants to work collaboratively to make it to the top and succeed. Working in groups of two or three each team must help each other to reach each step as they get a little further apart with each one.  This ropes course activity is great as a standalone or as an access to a challenge course or climbing tower.

8.  Two Line Bridge

This ropes course activity is made up of a foot cable and a hand line that span between two platforms and support poles. The participants, walk or commando crawn across the line by using the strength of their arms and legs.

9. Pipeline Bridge

A pipeline bridge is a great obstacle that for any ropes course. The pipes (made of plastic or wood) are connected by two parallel ropes which form a horizontal ladder. This activity is great for partners and requires stretching ones comfort zones and taking a momentary risk to be successful.

10. Zip Line

Zip line are the ultimate ropes course activity exit activity and are great stand alone activities for challenge course programs and commercial attractions. With new zip line technology and barking systems your zip ride can reach even higher speeds. Zip lines are a great feature on any ropes course because they allow for participants of various skill levels, disabilities and sizes to participate.