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Guy Anchors

Guy anchors are used with guy wires for supporting structures like zip lines, ropes courses, and climbing towers. Helical Ground Anchors are designed and sized to match load requirements, soil conditions and available site access. Multiple sizes and capacities allow precise designs for your specific needs. There may be one or multiple guywires that can be resisted by one or multiple guy wire anchors, dictated by design and load requirements. Helical ground anchors can be used to resist mast and tower loads which consist of lateral and compressive loads focused at the base of the pole or structure. Whether a self supporting tower, a guyed tower or pole, helical ground anchors provide a cost effective solution. No matter the application Guy Anchors are the Designed and Engineered to Perform as aproduct of choice for the aerial adventure industry.

Corrosion protection is provided in the form of hot dipped galvanization (per ASTM A123). Hot dipped galvanization is a great choice for protection from the elements giving design professionals the assurance of long term performance. This added protection allows for installation in aggressive soils and wet areas alike.

anchor installation illustration Guy Wire assembly and installation illustration

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