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L. E. A. P. Anchor Leading Edge Fall Protection Anchor

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The LEAP (Leading Edge Anchor Point) Anchor is one option to the problem of high-strength anchor points on challenge courses. PA's engineers have produced a high-strength, multi-purpose anchor that can be used equally well as self-belay anchors on staple climbs or as the ideal termination fitting on belay cables anywhere where the cable load is at 90° to the angle of the bolt.

Features of the LEAP Anchor: * Designed for use with 5/8" lag screws or 5/8" machine bolts (sold separately) * Tested to over 9,500 lb without anchor failure * Exceeds ACCT's "Standard Anchor" strength of 5,000 lb (even in soft white pine trees, test results averaged over 7,000 lb when using 5/8" x 6" lag screws). ACCT's "Leading Edge" anchor standard is 2,500 lb. * Double coated for corrosion resistance – zinc plated and powder-coated * Available in bright orange or gray

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